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Steve Sanders interviewed on 'The Thoughtful Leader' podcast hosted by Mindy Gibbens-Klien discussing the process of choices. Click here to see and hear the podcast.

About Steve Sanders

Steve Sanders is a renowned go-to-market strategist and enabler of rapid value creation, known for his consistent focus on business impact through multiple waves of technological and industry disruption. His exceptional contributions to global business and the public sector have earned him the prestigious Fellowship of the Institute of Directors (IoD).
In an era where disruptive change threatens stable growth and profit, Steve advocates for the use of ethical guide-rails to explore options safely and pre-emptively. He emphasizes the importance of engaging stakeholders to identify the greatest sources of value delivery impact and encourages asking better questions to form a robust 'value actualization' strategy. His approach focuses on Propositions, Purpose, and Digital initiatives, guiding companies to make informed decisions that lead to enhanced value capture.
Steve's philosophy, "Do the right things better, everywhere," underpins his strategy for activating changed norms to drive value capture. He believes that technology should systematically enable scale, quality, simplicity, and known benefit delivery. Furthermore, he stresses that sustainability, ethics, and stakeholder principles are critical determinants of a business's ability to lead, survive, or thrive.
Steve's practical guidance equips companies to grow profitably, pivot, or course-correct to achieve their optimal future state. His inspirational leadership and coaching help teams exceed their potential and build a better future. He drives the transition from product-led to service-oriented models, accelerates go-to-market strategies, transforms pursuits and partnerships, and establishes rhythms that enhance business readiness.
Steve serves as an Interim Strategy, Business Development, Go-to-Market, and Advisory Board Member, working with tech startups and scale-ups ready for funding rounds or exits. His expertise spans various sectors, including LegalTech, FinTech, InsureTech, PropTech, Banking, Automotive/Mobility, Communications, and the Public Sector. He has a global impact in turnaround scenarios and resolving complex challenges in sales, projects, in-life services, and partnerships, shaping new expressions of value and securing wins.
Steve's approach to tackling critical challenges is centered on differentiated, ecosystem-based propositions, a collaborative and advisory style of sales and management, and building self-belief in people. He mobilizes teams, sustains execution, fosters purposeful collaboration across networks, and implements lean systems and practices to maximize effectiveness.
Steve Sanders, a Fellow of the Institute of Directors and part of the Warwick Business School Ambassadors team, is a dynamic leader who transforms business challenges into opportunities for exceptional growth.


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