Guest Speaker for the MBA Strategy Module
University of Warwick Business School

Steve Sanders, a seasoned veteran in the IT industry, has been invited as the guest speaker for the MBA Strategy module at Warwick Business School due to his profound expertise in transformational innovation in go-to-market strategies, strategic analysis, and the implementation of strategic positioning choices. Here’s why his insights are invaluable for aspiring business leaders:

Transformational Innovation in Go-to-Market Strategies

Steve Sanders has a rich history of leading groundbreaking go-to-market strategies that have reshaped the competitive landscape. His approach to innovation is not merely about introducing new products but involves a holistic transformation of market engagement, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative business models. This kind of transformational innovation is crucial for MBA students who need to understand how to navigate and lead in rapidly changing markets.

Strategic Analysis and Strategic Positioning

With years of experience in strategic analysis, Steve has developed an acute ability to evaluate market dynamics, competitive pressures, and internal capabilities. His insights into strategic positioning help organizations carve out sustainable competitive advantages. Steve’s expertise in this area will equip MBA students with the tools and methodologies needed to perform robust strategic analyses and make informed strategic positioning choices.

Implementation of Strategy

One of the most challenging aspects of strategy is its implementation. Steve Sanders' extensive experience ensures that he can provide practical insights into turning strategic plans into actionable initiatives. His real-world examples of overcoming implementation hurdles will be invaluable for students, highlighting the importance of leadership, change management, and continuous innovation in successfully executing strategies.

Leadership in the IT Industry

Steve’s LinkedIn profile showcases his impressive career trajectory in the IT sector, underscoring his leadership in various high-impact projects. His ability to lead large-scale transformations and drive significant business outcomes makes him an exemplary role model for MBA students aiming to excel in strategic leadership roles. His first-hand accounts of managing complex projects and navigating industry challenges provide a rich learning experience for students.

Global Perspective

With experience in diverse markets and industries, Steve Sanders brings a global perspective to the MBA Strategy module. Understanding global market trends, cross-cultural management, and international business strategies are critical components of modern business education. Steve’s global outlook will help students appreciate the nuances of operating in a globally interconnected economy.


Inviting Steve Sanders as the guest speaker for the MBA Strategy module is a strategic choice that will deeply benefit students. His expertise in transformational innovation, strategic analysis, and implementation of strategy, coupled with his extensive experience in the IT industry, offers a wealth of knowledge and practical insights. MBA students will gain valuable lessons on how to navigate complex business environments, make strategic decisions, and lead with innovation and agility.


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