Senaryo offers innovative cloud-based
workflow and knowledge management solutions
powered by Aspenify

a global Software as a Service (SaaS) application that combines  content and  work management in one platform by using the power of  iPlaybooks

They  accelerate results and  drive scalability for new services, processes and programs, while enhancing customer, partner and employee  experience

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Why Aspenify? 


When you need to drive consistent outcomes across multiple distributed teams and organizations - Aspenify is your platform of choice.

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 Successful Knowledge and Change Management 


Our next generation cloud based solution provides:

A flexible and configurable solution

A great fit to a number of enterprise requirements. Clients are using this for innovation, compliance, processes, e-commerce, management information, sharing best practice, resource management and more.

Built for integration

Can be integrated into a number of systems with our standard API's.  Will sit as a standalone cloud based solution or integrated into your existing IT landscape for powerful insight and tracking

Bespoke capability

Our in-house development solutions can white label, bespoke and build the plugins and technical integrations you need, if not already in our service catalogue.


Built to address a number of industry problems, we deliver:

Great Value

Improve insight, processes and productivity and cut the costs of business delivery with one delivered for you and service managed tool.   

Multiple tools in one

Our solution will often reduce the number of IT solutions you need, replacing two or more pieces of software with just one solution.

Easy access and 'done for you' service management

Meets your strategic business objectives with our secure, access anywhere on any web enabled device software.

Case Studies

Innovation Lifecycle Management

Our client needed a powerful solution to give end-to-end visibility of their implementation process, across 100's or projects and many managers, internationally.

We integrated SharePoint and data lake data into a single data view.  Management information meant meaningful change in organisational strategy could be made based on the results.

Digital Transformation

Our client was using data from a number of tools including several Excel spreadsheets.  The data was difficult to manage and actions tracked against each. 

The solution we provided allowed overall visibility and daily reports for all team members. Much improved change management, much better outcomes

Integrated Knowledge Management Solution

Our client needed to pull together their knowledge management into one single accessible view by everyone in the organisation via a web-based user interface.

We created an integrated tool which can be called using a single sign on.  More powerful than existing solutions, everything could be accessed easily for reductions in delivery times.

Aspenify Prices

Choose your access level and the number of Power Users you will need.  A power user is any user of Aspenify that will be designing, building, testing or reviewing an iPlaybook™. Power-Users may also be Managers who initiate and/or manage executed iPlaybooks™ via the Initiative Manager. Additional Power-Users may be users that are allocated specific roles such as an Aspenify Administrator or Content Librarian. 

Discounts are available dependent upon volume and payment made in advance.


Cost Price + VAT

£15.00/m £181.00/yr
Includes :
  • Software as a Service iPlaybook Studio
  • Up to 5 secure workspaces
  • Community Management
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Dynamic Bookmarks
  • Drag and Drop Playbook Designer
  • Tagging and Categorisation
  • Import / Export
  • Role based initiative management
  • Multiple View types including Kanban, Sequence, Checklist, Timeline
  • Content and Knowledge Management
  • Role Management
  • Web Support with response within 1 business day


Cost Price + VAT

£30.00/m £324.00/yr
Standard Features Plus :
  • Up to 15 workspaces and support
  • Public Playbook Library
  • Editable Initiatives that can be easily republished as new (and improved) Playbook versions
  • Customisable Knowledge Libraries
  • External Cloud Storage
  • Additional Integrations through API Gateway
  • Export to MS Word and MS Excel
  • Embedded Web Application samples for Playbooks and Content Libraries
  • Developer Toolkit
  • Web & Telephone Support with 8hr response


Cost Price + VAT

£55.00/m £594.00/yr
Standard & Premium Features Plus :
  • Unlimited workspaces and support
  • Business Analytics & Dashboards
  • Custom Storage Options
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Single Sign on with Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Assigned Liaison
  • Web & Telephone Support with 4hr response

Bespoke Projects and Custom Build

We have a full portfolio of services and have trusted development partners for custom requirements.  No resource to deliver?  Our consultants and project managers can act as the service integrator for projects.  Contact us to discuss your bespoke requirements with a no obligation initial discussion by phone or via the contact form on our website.

Contact us by phone, e-mail or via the contact us form to get started